These are the Hands

hook: A contra dance with an "Englishy" feel

by: JoLaine Jones-Pokorney

formation: improper

Written for the wedding of Jennifer Mueller and Richard Mathews, May 5, 2018

A1 12
neighbors do si do 1½ As Couples, Do-si-Do around Neighbors 1 1/2, to face next neighbors
circle right 2 places With next neighbors, Circle R halfway
A2 4
circle right 2 places Finish the Circle R so that you are back to where you began the circle
neighbors swing Turn around and swing original neighbor
B1 16
down the hall and turn alone Down the hall, 2s are in the middle. 2s cast, 1s lead up, 2s fall in behind 1s to come up the hall, 2s following the 1s.
B2 8
same roles allemande ____ 1½ 1s Cast to a handy-hand allemande with same role neighbors 1 1/2
ones swing

END EFFECTS: At the top and bottom, when your neighbors leave you momentarily to Circle R with their next neighbors, Do not trade places with your partner. Your neighbors will expect you to be right where they left you.


user: JoLaine Jones-Pokorney

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