Crankshaft variation

hook: Down the hall to a swing, ins and outs

by: Adam Carlson

formation: improper

Start in lines of 4 facing down with the 1s in the middle

A1 6
down the hall - don't turn alone or as a couple. Instead, draw your neighbor into a ...
neighbors swing - end facing up in lines of 4 with the 1s in the middle
A2 6
up the hall - bend the line and shoot the 2s into the middle for a ...
twos swing end facing down
B1 8
twos half figure 8 below
ins and outs
B2 16
ones balance & swing - end facing down pick up your next neighbors for a ... ⁋

Good with marches

Ins and outs - See "The Ins and Outs of Contra" - Twos into the center in 4 beats (a la long lines forward and back), as they back out the ones go into the center in 4 beats.

Twos should really use all their time for the half figure 8. If they do it right, they'll get in place just in time for the ins and outs and not have to stop.


user: Adam Carlson

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