Jacqui & Henry

hook: double progression petronella to swing transition

by: Scott Higgs

formation: Becket ccw

in A2, dancers scoop the neighbor you swung last round

A1 8
long lines forward & back gentlespoons look left to next gentlespoon
gentlespoons allemande left 1¼ next gentlespoon
A2 4
star promenade left ½ the old neighbor directly across
ladles chain to shadow *
balance & petronella, catch neighbor from other ring
B1 8
neighbors swing **
balance & petronella
B2 16
partners long swing

now take hands in a ring, and look diagonally right to a different ring---this is the neighbor you'll swing in 4 seconds
take hands in new ring, look diagonally right to a different ring---there's your partner

J&H can break down suddenly in A2 unless the caller is very clear to identify and emphasize 'scooping-up' the correct neighbor for the star promenade. (with the unusual progression, it's not easy to regroup if things go awry)

A1 + A2 are perfectly reasonable, but "outside the box." If you were to take hands 4 with the couple you just completed the last round of the dance with (feels natural), the neighbor directly across in this ring is the neighbor with whom you'll do the star promenade. However, it is NOT the two gentlespoons in the starting 4-some who allemande left -- instead, all gentlespoons look left to the next 4-some, and left-hand turn. Then scoop-up the neighbor directly across for the star promenade. This is the gimmick that enables the single-progression.

Henry & Jacqui vs Jacqui & Henry, notes from Scott:
These dances are identical in the Bs. The petronella-to-swing transition is the highlight of each, but the set-up varies dramatically. The original, easy dance (H&J) is a bit repetitive in the As, and is double-progression. It took years of experimentation (many too-bland versions) to devise the latest model (J&H), which is single progression, and more challenging.

For Henry & Jacqui Morgenstein


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