hook: Double progressing half heys

by: Michael Fuerst

formation: Becket CW, double progression

A1 8
Partners promenade across, but during the courtesy turn shift (ccw around the set) to face next neighbors.
Circle left 3/4 and pass 2nd neighbor along set to return to 1st neighbor
A2 16
balance ans swing with 1st neighbors
B1 8
1/2 hey, ladles start passing right shoulders, then partners pass left and then gentlespoons right. End facing 2nd neighbor (from the circle left).
With next neighbor, start 1/2 hey ladles start passing left shoulders, partners right, gentlespoons left, end facing 3rd neighbor.
B2 8
star left - hands across - 3 places and gentlespoons turn over right shoulder to face parnter
partners swing, end facing across 3rd neighbors

Teaching and visualization suggestion:
At start of walk through, have dancers note
(i) the couple across as their current neighbors, whom dancers will soon swing,
(ii) the couple on the left diagonal as their next neighbors , and
the most important couple in the dance with whom they will pass by twice, and
(iii) a further left diagonal couple as their 3rd neighbors.
(iv) Before teaching the two half heys of B1, tell dancers they will do two 1/2 heys, each with ladles passing shoulders, then partners, then gentlespoons.
(v) Dancers reaching the ends should immediately face back in the
normal way--gentlespoons on the left, ladles on the right.

In this dance, dancers swing every other neighbor,
and circling left and doing a half hey with the others.

The dance can also be done with this alternative B1:
B1 1/2 hey, gentlespoons start passing left shoulders, then partners passing right
and then ladles left. End facing next neighbor (from the circle left).
With next neighbor, start 1/2 hey gentlespoons start passing right shoulders,
partners left, ladles right, end facing 3rd neighbor.

First called in November, 1996 in Valparaiso, IN at the barn converted
to a dance hall on land then owned by Jerry Ronneau.

(composed November 1996)


user: Michael Fuerst

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