Say Go to the Do-si-do

by: Michael Fuerst

formation: Becket cw

A1 8
Circle left 3 places
neighbors do-si-do 1 1/2, ending with gentlespoons facing in, ladles out, as if for a wavy line along the set, but don't take hands
A2 8
1/2 hey gentlespoons start left shoulder, finish in long waves on opposite side, gentlespoons facing in, neighbor's right hands joined.
balance towards and way then away from current neighbor, spin (or slide) past this neighbor to face new neighbor
B1 16
new neighbors balance and swing
B2 8
star left 3 places (putting everyone on side of set they started the dance) then gentlespoons turn turn back over right shoulder
partners swing

Some years ago a Chicago contra dancer and columnist for the Chicago Tribune newspaper, Eric Zorn, wrote a column entitled "Say no to the Do-si-do," objecting the the then legislative proposal to denote square dancing as the Illinois state dance. This dance's title plays on that column's title

(composed 11 Dec 1999)


user: Michael Fuerst

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