Allen Ortep's First Contra

hook: First dance ever written with an Allen Ortep shift

by: Michael Fuerst

formation: Becket ccw

A1 8
star left - wrist grip - 4 places
right diagonal right left through (pull by 2nd neighbors and finish facing 3rd neighbors)
A2 8
long lines forward and on the way back ladles roll in front of gentlespoons with a half sashe. (Gentlespoons now to right of their partners.)
circle right 3 places and pass neighbor 3 by left to face neighbor 2
B1 16
balance and swing (with neighbor 2)
B2 8
Allen Ortep shift (balance in a circle, left foot first, then individually shift or spin left one place in the circle)
partners swing

Those unfamiliar with the famous dance composer Allen Ortep,
should spell his name backwards

Alternatives for B2 are
Gentlespoons allemande left 1 1/2, partners swing, or
Star left 3/4, gentlespoons turn back, partners swing

(Composed February 1998)


user: Michael Fuerst

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