Back to Back

hook: Double petronellas, existential crises

by: Isaac Banner

formation: improper

A1 16
neighbors balance & swing
A2 8
neighbors promenade
balance & petronella
B1 16
partners balance & swing
B2 8
balance & petronella
balance the ring
partners California twirl ⁋

Variation on Back to Front by Luke Donforth - swaps the ladles allemande for a more symmetrical petronella to follow up on the truncated double petronella in the A1 - on Luke's website he mentions - "I often think of Rory O’More and Petronella in happening in pairs, but the following two dances use them in singletons to transition into something else." It seemed appropriate to double up on single petronellas.

Rotated to de-becketize, which also brings it pretty close to Brain Dead Balance also by Luke Donforth, who based Back to Front on A-1 Reel by Chris Weiler and clearly had a similar idea because he also wrote Double Balanced Brain which is a more symmetrical version of either dance than this one (but without a petronella left, the coward).......dances aren't really "written" or "original" - the dances don't need us to write them, they've always existed.


user: Isaac Banner

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