David K's Reel

hook: Mary Cay's inspired

by: Mark Widmer

formation: Becket

A1 8
partners promenade
ladles chain
A2 8
ladles allemande right once
neighbors swing
B1 4
long lines forward
gentlespoons roll away neighbors with a half sashay on the way back
gentlespoons allemande right ¾ ⁋
gentlespoons allemande left once (next gentlespoons)
B2 16
partners balance & swing

August 2008
Mark notes:
Described as "a roller coaster ride for the gentlespoons", this is a tribute to two people named David K:

David Kaynor's presence at Ashokan dance camps over the years has been a true joy. His composition Mary Cay's Reel inspired the choreography for this dance.

David Keifer, a longtime attendee and volunteer at Princeton, NJ dances, retired and moved to the Finger Lakes region in August of 2008. This was first called at his going away contra dance bash.

Teaching/calling pointers

When waiting out, looking up or down the set, the couple should get on the left side following the long lines (in B1), ready to promenade across.

For the roll-away in B1, the ladle rolls from right to left. The gentlespoon half-sashays to the right. Giving good weight here helps lead the gentlespoons into the allemande sequence.


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