Goody One Shoe

hook: Intermediate diamond formation

by: Rick Mohr

formation: Becket

Form full hands fours to avoid end effects.

A1 8
ladles dance in to a long wave in the center - balance the wave
ladles Rory O'More right and one quarter more to form a diamond +
balance the diamond
A2 4
petronella gentlespoons turn one quarter more to form
gentlespoons form a long wave in the center
balance & gentlespoons Rory O'More right and a quarter more to form a diamond ++
balance the diamond
B1 4
gentlespoons allemande left ¾
Three quarters hey, neighbors passing right
B2 16
partners meltdown swing

/+ Form a diamond, not with partner; ladles in center and gentlespoons at the sides)
/++ Form a diamond, with partner; gentlespoons in center and ladles at the sides)
B1: gentlespoons allemande left 3/4 (4)
3/4 Hey (neighbors pass right shoulders to start) (12)

Rick Mohr notes: Micah Smukler invented the cool "waves to diamonds" sequence for his dance Goody Two Shoes; I hope this somewhat simpler dance gives it wider circulation. With a couple relaxed walkthroughs most dancers get it well.


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