Spider Jive

hook: Written to fit a tune of the same name.

by: Dane Wallinga

formation: indecent

A1 8
neighbors do si do once
neighbors swing
A2 6
circle left 3 places
partners swing
B1 4
long lines forward
gentlespoons roll away partners with a half sashay as lines back up
gentlespoons pass by right shoulders
neighbors balance by the left
B2 0
neighbors pull by left into
celtic hey*
neighbors allemande left ¾ then turn away to new neighbors

*Celtic heys:

  1. Gentlespoons loop counterclockwise 1/4 around hands four while ladles right gyre 3/4 in the middle. This brings everyone back to their neighbor, this time along the the center line of the set.
  2. Neighbor left gyre ~halfway, sending gentlespoons into the middle.
  3. Ladles loop counterclockwise a further 1/4 around the hands four while the gentlespoons right gyre 3/4 in the middle. Again, this brings everyone back to their neighbor, now on the opposite side of the set that they started on, and with left hands near each other for that last allemande before the progression.

Each of the above stages takes ~4 beats.


user: Dane Wallinga

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