Tamarack Reel

hook: down the hall contra corners (not alternating)

by: Penn Fix

formation: improper

Remind the ones to use all eight counts for the half figure 8 by making a wider arc around the twos, and not beginning the contra corners until the music signals the start of the move.

A1 8
down the hall and turn alone ones between the twos
up the hall and bend into a ring
A2 8
circle left 4 places
ones half figure 8
B1 16
ones contra corners
B2 16
ones balance & swing ⁋

Pen Fix notes:
"Tamarack Reel" is adapted from Christy Keevil's "Westside School House". The major change involves the sequence of the half figure 8 into contra corners. His dance had a forward and back in between the two moves. I think that the combination of these two is my invention. Because the Tamarack changes colors in the fall, it stands out among all the evergreens that dominate the Inland Northwest. Tamarack is also the name of the band that Christy played with while living in Portland, OR. In addition, it is also the name of the camp he worked during the summers in New England. One of the founding members of Tamarack, Dean Kenty, died in a climbing accident an umber of years ago. I always dedicate the dance to him.

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