Pieces of Eight

hook: lots of figure 8

by: Peter Foster

formation: proper

A1 8
ones half figure 8 below
second corners half figure 8 across, first ladle leading
A2 8
ladles half figure 8, first ladle leading
ones half figure 8 across
B1 16
partners balance & swing
B2 8
ladles chain
ones half figure 8 above ⁋

In all the half figure 8's, first ladle has precedence.

The half figure 8 is not used much in contra. This may be because it leaves half the people standing still and feels like a "fix up" move, i.e. a move that is done just to get people where you need them. This dance makes the half figure 8 into a theme. Mind you, the final half figure 8 is a bit of a fix up, but it provides a thematic farewell to this couple and flows perfectly into the start of the dance with the next couple.

The original version was written in Jan 1990 as a Scottish Country dance. It has been modified to include a partner

Version "March 2006" - http://pfoster.pcug.org.au/dance/contra.htm

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