New Dance Banjo Moon

by: Don Flaherty

formation: Becket

wave of four ladles in center left right hand to partner

A1 4
ladles allemande left once (gentlespoons move clockwise left to new wave ( this all take palace at the same time ) the gentlespoons at the top and bottom of set must cross over to reform wave
balance wave of four
neighbors allemande right ½ Swing thru men pass left in center to reach neighbor ( for the men who cross over in the wave of four the swing in be with their partner!
A2 16
neighbors balance & swing ( gentlespoon who cross over it in be partners, end swing facing on left diagonal
B1 8
slice left and straight back with neighbor
gentlespoons allemande left 1½
B2 16
partners balance & swing end swing in wave of four, ladles left in center right hand to partner, gentlespoons have to face in line of progression, the partners are facing the other way , gentlespoons slide out to take partners right hand, ladles slide in to take the other ladles left hand! ⁋

Please walk this dance thru before taking to the dance floor, any feed back would be appreciate you can E-mail
thanks Don Flaherty this is a very experience dance written -19-9-19


user: Don Flaherty

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