hook: a first step to progressions for ONS

by: Linda Leslie

formation: three-face-three

Three face three in lines facing up/down the hall. Teach "home position".

A1 8
circle left 6 places
circle right 6 places
A2 8
neighbors do si do once "ends do-si-do your opposite"
neighbors do si do once "middles do-si-do your opposite"
B1 8
neighbors swing "ends swing your opposite"
neighbors swing "middles swing your opposite"
B2 8
long lines forward & back
pass through to a new line of 3 ⁋

Linda Leslie notes: Although I don't have the exact time that I wrote this dance, it must predate the first date I called it: 10/22/93 for the Appalachian Mountain Club, Joy Street, Boston. Especially useful for one night stands! Any combination of three. All dancers CAN do this dance, and it really mixes up the dancers. Great for weddings, etc. For these type evenings, I don't talk about #1 or #2 lines of three, or progression: rather I describe "home position". Once we have walked through the dance once, I then point out the couples who have come out at the top and/or bottom, asking them to wait out one time through the dance, turn around, and that this is when "home" changes. Works like a charm.....and the dancers are very happy finding new opposites for each cycle.

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