Folklife Flash

hook: Quintuple prog. for close Folklife conditions

by: Adam Carlson

formation: Becket

This is a quintuple progression dance designed for the tight conditions at Folklife.

A1 8
ladles chain ⁋
next neighbors swing ⁋
A2 8
next neighbors gyre 1½ ⁋
next neighbors swing
B1 8
ladles chain to partner
left diagonal right left through - conga line ladles in lead, gentlespoons follow your partner ⁋
B2 8
right left through conga line again ⁋
partners swing

Timing is tight in the A part with all the moves taking 8 counts and being moves where people often embellish.
I teach the conga by saying you're going to trade places with another couple and you're going to do it as a conga line of 2. Ladle in the lead, passing the other couple on the right. I would put hands on shoulders, or no hands at all. I also emphasize that you've still got to keep it moving briskly if you want time for a satisfying swing at the end.


user: Adam Carlson

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