Gold Star Wednesday

hook: invert the star

by: Dale Wilson

formation: improper

Identify Gentlespoon's home place before start of dance. Both stars end with the gentlespoon in his home place.

A1 16
neighbors balance & swing
A2 6
star right 3 places
Invert the star +
star left 3 places
B1 6
Gentlespoons loop right around neighbor, Ladles follow path
gentlespoons pass by right shoulders To meet partner
partners swing
B2 8
circle left 3 places
balance the ring
partners California twirl ⁋
  • Invert the star means: Gentlespoons reach across their body (over the old star) with their free (left) hand to their neighbor who is behind them. Ladles take gentlespoon's hand with their free (left) hand. Let go of the original star. Make an arch. Gentlespoons step back slightly to allow ladles to step through the arch. Joined left hands come down into left hand Star.

possibly demo invert the star

Dale Wilson notes:
Will Mentor called a square dance with this move at a Folk School event. I had never seen this move used in a contra dance, so I wrote one.

I thought the hard part to teach would be "invert the star" but people get that fine. B1 seems to cause problems, though. The gentlespoons have trouble looping over their right shoulder away from the star. I have learned to talk people through it, but a demo of both moves may be the easiest approach.

The invert-the-star gets the ooh-reaction during the walk-thru, but B1 is the move that can be truly wonderful when it's done right. During the dance I call "Gentlespoons Loop, Ladles Follow, Gentlespoons Cross, Ladles Stay. Partner Swing" -- until they get it and I can drop out.

...because good days deserve gold stars, and Wednesday was a great Day!

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