Alligator Colonnade 0.2

hook: Double box circulate, star, & colonnade

by: Moose Flores

formation: Becket

Designate ones and twos. (the couples on the [caller's] left side of the line, the couples that will progress downward, are ones.) (Or, before turning the star, designate ones above & twos below)
Give the twos a chance to practice arching the colonnade during the walkthrough.

A1 8
long lines forward & back
gentlespoons pull by left
neighbors allemande right ¾ & form long wavy lines (neighbor by right, gentlespoons facing in)
A2 4
balance the wave, right & back
box circulate - gentlespoons cross while ladles loop right
box circulate - ladles cross while gentlespoons loop left ⁋
star left - wrist grip - 3 places
B1 16
colonnade - "ones arch, colonnade!" +
B2 16
partners balance & swing

For the Gator in Humbolt Park, Chance the Snapper

I tweaked Joseph Pimentel's "spank the alligator" move and turned it into a double box circulate

  • Colonnade: ones (join left hands to) make an arch and hold that arch for the entire figure. Ladles trade by left shoulders with ladle two going under the arch. Gentlespoons trade by left shoulders with gentlespoon two going under the arch. [stop here for 1/2 colonnade] Ladles trade by left, gentlespoons trade by left. Each trade has 4 beats of music, so there's no need to rush.


user: Moose Flores

shared to sketchbook


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