hook: Circulate long waves, then short waves, then long

by: Isaac Banner

formation: improper

Starts in long waves, gentlespoons face out

A1 8
balance & box circulate - ladles cross while gentlespoons loop right, hinge to short waves
balance & short waves circulate - ladles cross on the right diagonal while gentlespoons loop right, hinge to long waves ⁋
A2 8
balance & box circulate - gentlespoons cross while ladles loop right
partners swing
B1 8
gentlespoons start a half hey - lefts in center, rights on ends - ladles ricochet
neighbors swing
B2 8
right left through
square through two - partners balance & pull by right, then neighbors pull by left to long waves ⁋

In the short waves circulate, ladles walk diagonally right to take the place of the dancer facing away from them in the next wave.

When gentlespoons cross, they should walk slightly left towards their partner to make sure they end across from a new couple.


user: Isaac Banner

shared to sketchbook


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