Dr. Whiting's Delight

hook: gentlespoons cross-arm swing, olympic rings orbit

by: Angela DeCarlis

formation: Becket ccw

[3] It's super useful to outline direction of progression for the dancers at the beginning of the walk-through. (turn to the right one place, then the ones will progress in their expected progression (Dale notes)

A1 8
circle left 3 places
neighbors swing
A2 4
long lines forward
gentlespoons roll away neighbors
gentlespoons start a half hey - rights in center, lefts on ends
B1 8
gentlespoons gyre once
gentlespoons allemande left 1½ around while the ladles orbit clockwise ½ around, gentlespoons cross-hand-grip swing +
B2 4
pass through to an ocean wave - gentlespoons by right in the center, neighbors by left on the sides, all face direction of progression
balance forward & back
gentlespoons pass by right shoulders ⁋
partners swing

Angela DeCarlis notes:
[1] The Gentlespoons' Cross-hand Swing often begins with a Right Allemande grip, before the left hand grip and buzz-step are incorporated. When done correctly, this swing will be comfortable and safe for the Gentlespoons, and will also transition effortlessly into taking hands in the short wave across.
[2] Taking the time to teach the ladles to pass adjacent orbiting ladles by the Left, Olympic Rings Style, does a lot to make this part of the dance more interesting for them.
[4] I used to call this as a short "Hook" Right Allemande when I led it, but Lisa Greenleaf advised me to modify it so add to not involve hands. Either way, It's easy for folks to autopilot in this part of the dance and expect to form a new wave, when it's really more like a swing through.

Angela DeCarlis Notes:

While this dance requires incredibly careful teaching and incorporates lots of new choreography for most dancers, it is a pleasure to dance. It is at once smooth and jaunty, and it tells a really good story:

This dance was written for a good friend and Florida dancer, Dr. Bernard Whiting, a physicist at the University of Florida who in 2016 was one of the leading scientists responsible for the historical first observation of Gravitational Waves. This dance describes the process of that observation, with two black holes (the Gentlespoons) first orbiting and then colliding (swinging). The resulting "Wave" made in the fabric of spacetime (largely represented by the Ladles' interweaving trajectory) travels through space, and is observed here on Earth (for a Partner Swing).

Original at: https://www.angeladecarlis.com/original-choreography

Allison note: called by Angela to great effect after-hours at YDW 2016 with music by Sam Auciello.


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