Milton-Bradley Presents: Mouse Trap!

hook: Waves to diamonds to waves to diamonds

by: Isaac Banner

formation: Becket

A1 8
revolving door, ladles keep right hands and allemande right ½ more to a long wave of ladles
balance & ladles Rory O'More left into a diamond with your shadow
A2 4
balance the diamond
petronella right, gentlespoons take hands in a long wave of gentlespoons, facing the same direction they were in the diamond
balance & gentlespoons Rory O'More right
B1 4
balance the diamond
gentlespoons allemande left ¾
neighbors swing
B2 8
revolving door *left* - gentlespoons start a left-hand star promenade, drop their neighbors off and allemande back to their partner
partners swing

Revolving Door - as a couple, start a wrong-ways promenade (essentially a right-hand star promenade) with the ladles catching right hands in the center and dropping the gentlespoons off on the other side of the set before allemanding right halfway more to return to home.

In the shadow diamond, gentlespoons have their shadow in their left hand.

User: Isaac Banner