Truffles for Breakfast

hook: fun gyre chase

by: Joy Greenwolfe

formation: Progressed Improper (wait out like Becket)

walkthrough can start with a gratuitous neighbor swing, to have you in 'progressed improper'. Wait out as though it was Becket.

A1 8
star left - wrist grip - 4 places
neighbors allemande left 1½ 1x or 1.5 until ladles face in
A2 8
ladles start a half hey - ____ in center, ____ on ends (ladles right, partner left, gentlespoons right, neighbor left), ladles back to the center
ladles gyre once, gentlespoonss fall in behind to chase to other side
B1 16
partners meltdown swing on the gentlespoon's home side
B2 8
slice left and straight back ⁋
ladles chain

Joy Greenwolfe notes: Needs smooth, lively tunes, not too slow

WT start w/ gratuitous neighbor swing; star; neighbors allemande til ladles face in works pretty well.

walk the gyre chase in two parts. Ladles gyre just once around and END ON SAME SIDE where they started. “Meanwhile… gentlespoons! When you see your partner coming around, you will fall in behind her and chase her to the other side for a gyre… and a swing.” Then walk both parts together.

Flows best when ladles turn over their right shoulder to meet partner.
Calling during the dance “Ladles gyregentlespoons chase,” reduces to "gyre chase"

End effect: wait out on left diagonal as if becket

User: Allison Jonjak