2016-02-22, Louisville Country Dancers, Euphor

user: Chet Gray

Table of Contents

  1. ["Frederick Contra"]( by Tom Hinds

  2. ["Thanks to the Gene"]( by Tom Hinds

  3. [untitled], variation by Naresh Keswani
  4. ["Kimmswick Express"]( by Gene Hubert + variations on grand right & left

  5. ["Fairport Harbor (variation)"]( by Paul Balliet

  6. ["You Can Get There From Here"]( by Linda Leslie

  7. waltz

  8. break

  9. "Uptown Downtown" square + "Ladies Chain & Gents Change" break

  10. Summer of '84 by Gene Hubert
  11. ["Midwest Folklore"]( by Orace Johnson

  12. waltz

"Frederick Contra" by Tom Hinds

"Thanks to the Gene" by Tom Hinds

[untitled], variation

by: Naresh Keswani

introduces moves: custom yucky, chain, hey, swing, custom

formation: Duple, Becket (clockwise progression)

A1 partners promenade across, loop wide left to face new neighbors (8)
ladles chain to neighbor (8)
A2 hey, ladles lead across and back (16)
B1 ladles
B1 neighbors balance & swing (16)
B2 neighbors
B2 give and take partner to ladle's side (8)
partners swing (8)

Variation by Chet Gray of a work-in-progress dance by Naresh Keswani (

After searching, this is essentially equivalent to a variation on "Roll up the rug No2" by Al Green (, which is a variation of "Roll Up the Rug" by Don Flaherty.

"Kimmswick Express" by Gene Hubert + variations on grand right & left



"Uptown Downtown" square + "Ladies Chain & Gents Change" break

Summer of '84

by: Gene Hubert

Guest caller Dave Morse

introduces moves: long lines, pull by for 2, allemande, custom, right left through, progress

formation: improper

A1 long lines
gentlespoons pull by
partners allemande left once for 6 into short wavy lines, gents in the center
A2 balance the wave for 4
walk forward to new wavy lines for 4
balance the wave for 4
shadows allemande left ¾ for 4
B1 partners balance & swing
B2 ladles chain
right left through
progress to new neighbors

co written by Steve Schnur

"Midwest Folklore" by Orace Johnson