formal parameters: custom, beats


Dance Figure
40 Years of Penguin Pam
partners two hand turn 1½
20 Below
move forward to new wavy line for 4
A Ravitzingly Rosy Recombination
turn away
Across Nottingham A
neighbors trade places, ones behind twos for 3
ladles trade places across, L1 behind L2 for 3
first corners (G1, L2) do si do, while second corners allemande...
Across Nottingham B
neighbors trade places, ones behind twos for 3
gentlespoons trade places across, G1 behind G2 for 3
first corners (G1, L2) do si do, while second corners allemande...
Across the Ohio
ladles chain, G1 L2 trade places, G1 behind L2
Cape Mixer
all to middle & back out
ladles to middle & back out
gentlespoons to middle
Carla's Stomp
Gents Cross the set for 2
Dar Trek
look away from partner to form minor set with shadow and first...
Dar Trek (alt. presentation)
look away from partner to form minor set with shadow and original...
Dar Trek variation
look away from partner to form minor set with shadow and first...
Down the Aisle
Ones Arch, Twos for 4
Dr. Whiting's Delight
gentlespoons cross-hand-grip swing
meanwhile ladles orbit CCW all the way around
Entangled in Monte Carlo
Arm Bridge Balance with partner (ladles end in middle of set,...
Fairport Harbor
ladles turn alone over right shoulder for 4
First Night Quadrille
forward and back head couples
grand right left
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
gents drop hands; make turn to right MEANWHILE ladies continue star...
Four Have Sprung
to long waves for 2 (neighbor 3 in right hand, ladles face out,...
walk to next neighbor for 2 1s up, 2s down
custom top couple sashay to bottom of set - others move up
ladles reach under star for 4
Howl at the Moon
promenade across
I ♥ Unicorns
mirror mad robin - twos beak-to-beak then ones beak-to-beak
La String Bean
ladles to the center and back
gentlespoons to the center for 2
gentlespoons go back for 2
Lanier Equation
meanwhile gentlespoons shift right along set to align with ladles
Love Sting
center gent "right hand high, left hand low" for ladles to trade...
Lunt Birthday Waltz
waltz 1 1/4 around Neighbors
open up to face new Neighbors, hands four
Made Up Tonight
twos arch ones dive for 4
Unwind to an outward facing circle , just turning on the spot, do...
Not Quite Fifty Software Testing
gentlespoons, with gentlespoon in his star, right shoulder gyre 1...
meanwhile ladles with ladle across the set in her partner's star +,...
Not a Figment of Your Imagination
gentlespoons turn out over right shoulder on home side
partners courtesy turn to face across for 4 (hold courtesy turn...
Rang Tang Contra
neighbors rang tang right for 6
partners rang tang left for 6
neighbors rang tang right for 6
partners rang tang left for 6
Sidmouth Swirl
right left grand for 10
all 8 spin the top *
all 8 spin the top**
Sleeping With The Hounds
ladles turn out for 2
Snake Oil Reel
Ladles walk in to center for long wave for 4
Gentlespoons walk in to long waves while ladles walk in for 4
Snake in the Garden
gentlespoons find new gentlespoons
gentlespoons back out and ladles walk in to a long wavy line of...
Star Through
H (S) forward & back
H (S) forward again & STAR through (in the center: PASS through)
STAR through with Outside 2 for 4
with the one you face: STAR through for 4
inside arch, ends DIVE through for 4
one you meet (in the center) STAR through for 4
separate around One for 2
into the center, STAR through for 4
look for your Corner & for 6 allemande left
Tempus Fugit
#2s arch; #1s dive through for 2
Tetrahymena Twirl
handy hand allemande neighbor 1 1/2
twos arch, gentlespoon one pull ladle one under arch for 4
The Country of Marriage
meanwhile ladles slide left to meet partner for a
The Wedding Ring Circle Mixer
ladles turn alone to meet new partner behind them
Walking on Air
zig right with partner for 4 past neighbors
zag left with partner for 4 to home side, across from New neighbor
Where's Alex? - software design variation
regress back to 2nd neighbors
Wizard's Walk Ted Steele A2
wizard's walk: for 16 Ones separate around the twos. Ones split the...
Woven Waves
ladles walk forward to wavy line in middle for 4
ladles stay in place while gentlespoons walk forward to a wavy line...
gentlespoons drop left hands, ladles drop right hands, to form

Dances without Custom

Moves Sharing a Dance with Custom


allemande orbit


balance the ring

box the gnat

butterfly whirl

California twirl



do si do

down the hall

figure 8

give & take


gyre meltdown

gyre star


long lines

mad robin

ocean wave

pass by

pass through





pull by dancers

right left through

roll away

Rory O'Moore


slide along set


star promenade


turn alone

up the hall