Dave wants to call these

user: Dave Morse

Table of Contents

  1. Get Me Going by Lisa Greenleaf
  2. Autumn Air by Cary Ravitz
  3. Chuck the Budgie by Rick Mohr

Get Me Going

by: Lisa Greenleaf

introduces moves: swing, long lines, do si do, chain, star

formation: duple improper

A1 neighbors balance & swing
A2 long lines
ladles do si do 1½ to_partner
B1 partners balance & swing
B2 ladles chain
star left 4 places on_to_next

Autumn Air

by: Cary Ravitz

introduces moves: half hey, allemande, circle, pass through

formation: Becket

A1 ladles chain
half hey, ladles lead
A2 neighbors balance & swing
B1 gentlespoons allemande left 1½
partners swing
B2 circle left 3 places
pass through
circle right 3 places

Chuck the Budgie

by: Rick Mohr

introduces moves: custom

formation: improper

A1 gentlespoons allemande left once
neighbors swing
A2 circle left 3 places
partners swing
B1 long lines
ladles allemande right 1½ 1.75?
B2 balance the wave for 4 from short wavy lines
neighbors allemande left ¾ for 4
balance the wave for 4 from long wavy lines
neighbors allemande right ¾ for 4 (this is a new neighbor)